Dark Spots on Aging Skin: How to Combat with Peptides

Aug 15, 2023Peptides

Understanding that dark spots are caused by damaged cells is the first step in treating hyper-pigmented skin. It’s critical to understand that melanin protects the cell. Damage messages are frequently sent by failing cells that have not gone through apoptosis (cell death). This is what we can see from the outside looking in. Remember everything you see on the surface is 30+ days old. This is one of the reasons why results take a few weeks to appear. You are looking at the surface rather than all of what’s happening in the lower layers.

Viktoria DeAnn Correct HP peptide targets dark spots on the skin’s surface, brightening and lightening the area with potent antioxidants such as azelaic, citric, and benzoic acids. To minimize the look of hyper-pigmented skin, these substances are combined with bio-active amino acids forming a proprietary blend of peptides.

Susan Wade, M.Ed. L.E.
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Precision Nutrition Certified

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