Aging, Sagging Skin: Viktoria De’Ann Peptides to the Rescue!

Sep 30, 2023Peptides

Collagen and elastin loss are two of the most typical complaints concerning aging skin. The skin produces around 1.5% less collagen per year as it ages naturally. As a result, the skin becomes loose, drooping, and unsupported. By the age of 60, about half of the structural support of the face has been lost. It is critical to identify techniques to restore production to combat aging.

Viktoria DeAnn’s Pepti ProCol and Pepti Elastin are two essential peptides to include in your daily regimen to aid in the recovery of collagen and elastin. They are designed to be bio-identical to the peptides that your body naturally creates to promote the skin’s natural capacity to regenerate.

The key ingredients in Pepti-Elastin are water, amino acids, Vitamin B3 and B5, a form of Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate)

Pepti-Procol: Water, amino acids, salicylic acid (to aid in collagen production) caffeine.

Susan Wade, M.Ed. L.E.
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Precision Nutrition Certified

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